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Is Great always better than Good?


"…There was a quote that I heard from Mike Tyson on the podcast Drink Champs, and he said something that I felt profound. He said he he doesn't want to be great because great people, he's found sometimes aren't always good people. And my mind was blown. If you listen to me enough on Swell, you know that I like to play around with titillating ideas on social norms and things that we consider to be common. And is there nothing more common than everyone wanting to be great?…"

What does it take to be Great or Good?


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 4mo ago · 1:32

"…And to stay general is actually kind of fun because truthfully, we apply this standard to everything we do, whether we're looking in the mirror or looking across the room at somebody else and thinking they're not perfect. It's a cycle. When you understand the benevolence you give yourself to be imperfectly perfect, then you are kinder to others. And the standards you have for them are very different, and they're measured differently.…"



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Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 4mo ago · 4:47

"…It took me a while to figure this out, at least for my process. You get good at doing things consistently, and I feel you become great with a certain longevity of consistency. And that greatness is kind of out of your hands because the only way you truly can become great is when you are acknowledged by others, when you are acknowledged by others of your greatness, that's when I feel you can sort of accept it.…"

Thank you @DBPardes

Krish Sehrawat

@KrishSeh511 · 4mo ago · 1:13

"…You are pretty right about why good is better than great. Because great people like there are great people who like changes people's mindset who turn them but we never said that they will turn them into good people. Who knows? They might have turned them to like criminals, bad guys and that is great but that is not good.…"


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