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Technoblade never dies...

Lets talk about the passing away of the gaming legend technoblade. #sayitonswell

Is it right to make mistakes?

Is it right to make mistakes? #sayitonswell


We are no superior

Why should we not think ourselves the superior ones? #sayitonswell


Why we should not complain about things.

Complaints, everyone does that, but here is one reason why we should not complaint on things. #sayitonswell


Do you believe in Luck?

Is there really a thing like luck and coincedence? #sayitonswell

What I think about money?

What do I really think about the term and thing money? #sayitonswell

What is right? What is wrong?

Lets talk about this, what can be right or wrong? #sayitonswell


Which team do you support in FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar?

Which team do you support in FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar? #sayitonswell

KGF series: My review

What I think about KGF? Make sure to share your view. #sayitonswell



What is the purpose of human life?

What is the purpose of human life? #sayitonswell


Is technology taking over our future?

Technology with the growing speed, will it surpass us too? #sayitonswell

Which is your favoriate movie series?

Which is your favoriate movie series. #sayitonswell


Review: Sapiens A brief history of Humankind

This is my review on the book Sapiens, make sure to tell me yours. #sayitonswell


Why is it so hard to break ones Belief?

How can you break someones belief? #sayitonswell

Does Time has a begining or end?

Is there really a begining or end of time? #sayitonswell

Can you solve Molyneux Problem?

One of the greatest philosophical questions in history, can you solve it? #sayitonswell

Review: Assassination classroom

My review on the world famous anime #sayitonswell


Is first impression really the last impression?

You always heard this line saying, "First impression is the Last impression" but is it? #sayitonswell

Should we balance your work and fun in life?

How should you keep the balance between Work or Fun? #sayitonswell




Does Free Will exist?

Is there really a free will, know my opinion and explanation. #sayitonswell


Afterlife or Rebirth?

Afterlife or Rebirth?what is after death#sayitonswell


Is Belief the reason of our feelings?

Belief is a very strong thing that your mind creates, but how much part does it play in your feelings? #sayitnoswell


Is current education system correct?

So it is one of my favouriate topics to talk about this and the point I put in it are also reasonable so better listen.#Convos #Sayitoswell


1. Naruto(My Top 5 anime)

And now on the number one, one of the most lovely animes you will ever see, NARUTO!


2. My Hero acadamia(My Top 5 anime)

MHA is one of the most best and underrated anime. The best thing about this anime is its storyline and characters. You must watch it.


3. Attack on Titan(My Top 5 animes)

Continuing with our list we gave reached on 3rd place which is on of the best animed you will ever see.


4. Death Note(My Top 5 animes)

The no. 4 of my list is Death note which is literally the most unpredictable anime I have ever watched.


5. One punch man(My Top 5 anime)

Just for a little change, I bring up this new topic of my Top 5 animes.


What makes you?

Have you ever wondered what is the thing that actually builds your thinking, that make you to take decision?


Can experience be misleading?

Experience is something that can push us to the highest, but what if the place you were pushed was the wrong way?


What was your first and favouriate anime?

Anime weebs, here is a swell for you, lets know your side.



Is society always right?

Society plays an important in our life, but is it always right?


What I think about predictions?

Predictions and prophecies of future are very wild but they are also pretty interesting, lets know one of those in this Swell which did came out true.


Is education everything we need?

Education is a very important thing in our lives, but is it really what we ned to learn anything?


Can Matrix be real?

Matrix is a very popular movies series in hollywood with a very deep concept, so can that concept be applied in real world?


Why not to get too attached to something?

Attachment is somethin we all have, but can you even think that it might hurt you?


How to keep getting motivated?

How do you get motivated if you are too depressed? Is there really a trick to do this?



Is patriotism the strongest feeling?

Patriotism is what creates a country it is what makes us unite, but, has patriotism vanished from the hearts of people?


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