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Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:09
Curly hair journey

I don’t rlly take pics of my full hair so this the best I got lol

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:12
Eric Satie and Gnossiennes

Here’s a link if you want to listen! Also I pronounced gymnopédie AND Satie wrong whoops I’m sorry

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:00
I bought a Peruvian Ocarina

Ocarinas are found in various countries (e.g Mexico, Italy), but the Peruvian Ocarina consists of 8 holes, compared to the range of 4-12 holes.

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:20
Town council meeting

The Narrator edition

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 3:04
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Did I make this swell to get myself to study? Ofc not!!!

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 0:38
I play a bit of the main theme in Howl’s Moving Castle for you on the piano

My nails are so long you can hear em clicking on the keys. Also idk why the audio sounds buggy like half the time I replay it???

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:51
Crosley cruiser record player video that got me to buy it lol

You will not be disappointed 10/10 content

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:26
Gang of birds in my backyard

I miss them where are they. They would specifically hang out in my backyard only

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 3:12
Hospital volunteer story: Halloween

This is a long audio my bad feel free to put me on 1.5x speed. Forgot to say Halloween’s my fav holiday too lol cherry on top

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:23
Arnold the Great

He is my favourite boy

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:25
Podcast recommendation: History of the 90’s

I forgot to say she also had an episode on Lady Diana and her death/the paparazzi (it was very interesting)

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 0:57
Shirt rose to the occasion

I think it was on sale those few years ago in summer school

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 3:11
Why you should read Jane Austen

Idk why my swells are running long these days my bad

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:49
Pointless education rant that probably isn’t even accurate at all lol

I don’t blame you if you skip this I would too tbh ;))

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:00
Plant feature: swirly bamboo boy
Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:39
I had a good day today

This is probably cringey but it’s ok

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 0:41
Mark Twain stories that my brother bought for my family when he was like 8 at school
Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:25
More thoughts on this record and playing Vesti la guibba - Enrico Caruso off of my record player

Opera man,,,,, :,( also the case came with two records! Not just one!

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:37
Money (???)

Pointless audio

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:02
"60 years of ‘music America loves best’"
Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:59
Notion is good for a procrastinator

Have the lowest quality review on Notion but like I do love the app promise. Probably left out key features too whoops

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:00
Animal crossing and capitalism

This is a pointless tangent

Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 2:30
I attempt singing Again by Doris Day for you (potential headphone warning, potential cringe warning)
Areej Khanotia
@Areej.k · 1:14
Agate appreciation