Zoya A
@ZoyAmol · 1:41

What is your idea of relaxation?

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I find it really interesting to study different articles which are based on relaxing. I'll wonder, is this relaxation or really another means of straining ourselves? What do you guys feel about this? Do let me know

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Sharmila devi
@Sharmi · 0:27
I strongly believe the things you have mentioned is not about training yourself. It may be like what your thoughts and opinions is on them. Just like if you're like, love walking, just walk. It makes you relax. If you love eating, just eat. If you love sleeping, just sleep. The thing which you are doing for yourself. It doesn't mean that's training yourself
Anitta P.J
@anittz · 0:10
For me, relaxation is more like having a Mojito in my favorite cafe with my best friend. Nothing feels better than that for me
Zoya A
@ZoyAmol · 0:29
Thank you guys for sharing your views, but I would be particularly interested in knowing very peculiar, different kind of ideas of relaxation. If you have any, that would leave me wondering for people we are all different and we can have obviously different interests. Something might be strange for me. It might be relaxing for somebody else. Just share more of your views about that