Zoya A
@ZoyAmol · 1:38

Any interest you had acquired as a kid and still continue to enjoy it?

As a kid, I would love collecting small things wherever I would find small articles, it might be some kind of plastic toy, or I can remember we would get something with Colgate and other stuff. I would just collect it and keep it in a separate cupboard. I just enjoy it doing that kind of stuff. As we grow up. We lose those kind of interests and we run behind things which are add value to our lives. But I think so. Kids have the purest heart

As we were kids, happiness was the key requisite for living and very little things made us so very overjoyed. Would you like to share what made you ha

Sneka Tamilselvan
@sneka_ · 0:36

I have this love of hearing stories ❤️

I had this very keen, you know, interest in hearing stories. I haven't read story books, but I thought watching cartoons or other TV series would actually actually help me in knowing about a lot of stories. And now, as an adult, I watch anyway, they have variety of stories, fantastical adventures, serious. And I'm really glad and really watch a lot of enemies these days