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I talk about weird things and it might sounds like super creepy or weird, but they're just thoughts. And I think I share similar thoughts to other people and so why not share it and what other people have to say about it? And I guess if others don't get to see it, that's fine too. Because for me, I like to go back and listen to myself. My friend says I have main character energy, so I guess that's it

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TheWandering Her
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Welcome to the swell fam Zana

Hi, Zana. Welcome to swell. I'm not those I'm not employed by Swell, but I'm a fellow Sweller. And we're always happy, you know, to have joiners because, you know, the community grows the more people come on and share their thoughts. So have more things to talk about. Looking forward to having conversations about your weird thoughts and check out my weird thoughts. I guess we're all just a community of weird thinking people until it's not weird