Loneliness is a new company

Maybe there are right persons of your choice with whom you want to spend your time, with the things that exist outside which may bring you comfort, but you don't find it at the right time. You always keep struggling to find those things which are just not near you or it's always far but somewhere. You feel you have to just come out of it. You want to just explore

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Ophelia Johnson
@LadyO · 4:23
You. Hi, Zachary. This is Ophelia. Maya Angelou said once, I think it was back in 1973, during an interview. She said, you are only free when you realize you belong every place and no place at all. The price is high and the reward is great. And what that has always meant to me is that in an instant, you literally, really and truly only belong to you. Like, I find myself in that place of loneliness, as you spoke of sometimes
Zakariya Samjad
@Zack_Wink · 2:11

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You. Hey, hello Failure just now listened to your swell and it was kind of a bit enlightening to know your point of view towards the loneliness and things which you face and your stand and your views on this very matter. It gives a great comfort in knowing the things which we need in our life, the things which we have to be comfortable with. You have spoke about the greater community which we have in our hand, like family, friends