Day to day

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hi? guys? this is your smiling? yogi? and you all? listing me? on swell? the first of all? i am? really? sorry? for recording? this swell? after four? or five days? ave recording? the last swell? and so? being? not there? for you? guys? to tell? you? how i am falling? and how i am am? tackling? to de? to de? activities? and how i am? planning? to get my self?

After a long time

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Challa Sri Gouri
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hi? welcome back? on? again? so? asain? for days? in? to her post? like? yes? so? today you have? come? up? with? some? of? the most? interesting? topic? i have? a feel? because? richicasisaplace? which i also? like the most? and i feel? like? at least? once i should make some effort? in? visiting? that prticulorplase? and i have? heard a lot? about it? after? listning?
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