Yuval Yatskan
@Yatskan · 0:32

Work culture in the new economy

I have an interesting question that I've been thinking about for a while and I can't really get clearance. I'm curious what people think, but with the new economy that was created with the pandemic, how do you do you think remote work would morph over time? I mean, will it ever come back to working from the office again, or do you guys think that this shift was bound to happen no matter what, it was just accelerated by the Cobby situation? Here to your thoughts

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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 2:59


Well, but I think that working with your team is always way better done face to face, because the human interaction goes a long way in achieving team bonding and relationships. So I'm actually more for if I could work from an office, I would, but I think this remote work is here to stay and here to stay for many years until people start talking. Got the burn
phil spade
@Phil · 2:33


I've worked remotely for most of my professional career. I've always enjoyed going into the office or at least having that option. But when work from home first started coming up with COVID, I was warning people that for all the ease that you have with no commute and working at your own schedule, there are challenges and the day can get away from you. You end up working a lot of hours and sometimes that work life balance becomes a complete blur and you don't have that