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Yahya Kaseri
@yahyah · 5:00

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So you know how if somebody knows about it, you might have seen through TVs or you might have hosted a couple of things in your school, college or other gatherings. You know how a host needs to take care of all the things when there are sudden changes? There are people who is not dressed up, somebody who's missing. You've got to keep the audience engaged and you also adapt to those changes

@Tancy_0818 #swell

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Yahya Kaseri
@yahyah · 1:04
Okay, so that was it. Yeah, that was the good memory I that I would cherish. I think I mumbled again in my previous well, the last part, because I was rushing through. I'm looking at the timer, but no justification is required, I think, because it only becomes easier when you accept your flaws and know your shortcomings and work on them. So, yeah, no worries at all
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