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Anshi Sharma
@xoxo_2004 · 0:43

Patriarchy and misogyny

What is the difference between patriarchy and misogyny? Even though many times they're pretty much used in the same sentence, there is a little difference in both of them. Patriarchy means a system of society or government in in which the father or the eldest mule is the head of the family and misunderstood reckoned through the male line, whereas in misogyny it literally means disliking women or prejudice against women. And similarly, you must have heard of a term named Ms. Sandry, which is prejudiced against men

#patriarchy #misogyny

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Jonathan Gossett
@JonathanGossett · 0:29
Thank you for touching up on this subject. I definitely think that both terms are used today and are practiced in 2022, especially the United States and society. And I think it's definitely easy to get them under Twinkle sometimes and to confuse the two. So I think it's really good for people to know the difference between the two, especially because it is a constant occurrence and is constantly being displayed in this country
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