Anshi Sharma
@xoxo_2004 · 0:58

Why are periods a taboo?

You know what surprises me? That periods are a taboo. I don't understand. Periods are a good thing if you are menstruating means you're a healthy individual and you will be able to get pregnant in the future. But apparently if you have your periods that's not a good thing. And if you don't have your periods, it's also not a good thing according to society. Like such a hypocritical thinking

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Chandrika Devi ;)
@Devii_official · 1:17
One thing we can do on our part is educate people about it as much as possible. Go out there, tell your friends, guy, friends, brothers, boyfriends, every month possible. The more they know about this, the more they'll be able to understand us and be comfortable with us. So, Yes
Jonathan Gossett
@JonathanGossett · 1:44


Hi. I think it's very unfortunate that we have to have this conversation about why why are periods a taboo, other sexual or bodily autonomy functions? And I just think it really goes to show how much to our society norms, even with that, are built on patriarchal structure. And it makes me think about how in the United States, at least how we have government funded V***** and condoms can be available free
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