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Honey Jain
@wordsoutpour · 0:48

You aligned me

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Pouring rains pouring jain out of somewhere you came I and my body roaming around like bodies our clothes also soaked and mud stained we reaching for the partners of our own my friend my body and I the brain pouring rains pouring jain but out of somewhere you came you took our hearts away in a blink made us align with the wing now my body and mind are one need of you was me

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Harshit M
@Harshit07 · 0:29
Hello. And it was a really nice trail, and it was a really nice poetry that he presented to us. Like, the writing was marvelous and the delivery was pretty fabulous as well. It was really good. So this kind of content on this platform is kind, kind of here. So I love to hear more from you, like poetry and writing stuff and some things that deliver feelings and add value to our life. Great sell. Keep posting
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sharath menon
@sharathmenon19 · 0:28
Wow. When I listen to the good morning, by the way, and when I listen to this, it's such a wonderful poetry, and it has the depth of the meaning. Keep doing more. You're blessed with a wonderful voice and just inspire people. Thank you so very much. And this is the first thing which I'm listening. And it's such wonderful I'm just starting a day with your poetry. Thank you. Bye
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