Sreeja V

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Covid is back with a vengeance in India. And we are struggling to fight back. What is different this time?

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"…There seems to be a lot that is left unsaid about the vaccine, the risks, the supply of medicine, the hesitation to impose a lockdown. It feels surreal. How is it in your part of the country? What is going on in your mind? How do you cope with this.…"


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 1yr ago · 2:26

"…For example, I'm not even sure how to really cover this crisis because I've been wanting to discuss this for quite some time, but I really hope that we get some compelling voices and that can give us some insights into the technicalities of the whole pandemic. And thank you so much for bringing this up again.…"

Reporting from Mumbai


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 1:39

"…What's the cycle of care supplies? There's so many unknowns. All I'm hearing from both of you is this intense sense of confusion and worry. And I'm just holding space for you and hoping that we, as a global community, can now focus on the nations that need us most in terms of resources and help. So voices need to rise and above even governments that might not speak the full truth.…"

Only wish I could do something more than listen


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 1yr ago · 1:28

"…And that is what brings me to this question. How is it that we are taking this lightly? Why are we not going for that lockdown when we know that situation could only go worse and there is a lack of that's what seems to be doing around right? There are rumors about lack of medicines, beds in hospitals. So what are we waiting for? I'm really perplexed and I really wish somebody could come in and or talk about this in much greater detail. Do we need to panic?…"



Ameet Patki

@AmeetPatki · 1yr ago · 2:02

"…They were very quick to build core jumbo centers and even quicker to dismantle them only to build them again. A few weeks later. I think all political parties should now bury their differences and look after the citizens that have voted them into power and look after the health care. I think this is also an eye opener for the government to increase allocations for health care in our country, in our state so that we do not fall prey to another virus, to another disease in the near future.…"

Second wave


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 1yr ago · 0:48

"…And Secondly, is Lockdown the way to go? I know she just mentioned it, but I was hoping to hear your point of view as well about the imposition of a lockdown as a way to combat this crisis. Really looking forward to hearing you, Doctor. Thank you so much. Bye.…"

@AmeetPatki- thanks for joining this conversation!


Ramya V

@Ramya · 1yr ago · 1:45

"…Thank you for initiating this very important discussion, Srija. I'm from Tamil Nadu, Kambato. And while we aren't quite in the red zone yet, numbers here are alarmingly on the rise. My social feed have all been flooded with pleas from friends and acquaintances seeking possible ways to get their hands on life saving Meds oxygen cylinders, sharing their concerns about vaccine shortages all over the place and running from pillar to post seeking hospital beds, heartrending visuals of multiple patients sharing a single bed funeral of loved ones.…"

From Coimbatore,TN. There are lessons to be learnt from this health crisis.



@Shaz · 1yr ago · 1:40

"…Some people really want to take the vaccine. People are very untrusting of the vaccine. They think the vaccine, they speculate that the vaccine could cause, like, further damage or it's not good enough. And this time around, I feel like people are very confused and untrusting of the news, the media, the government orders, they are trying to get information from their network from the people that they trust instead of just blindly listening to what the news channel say.…"

From Chennai - Tamil Nadu


Ameet Patki

@AmeetPatki · 1yr ago · 2:12

"…Now in the second wave to have the vaccine is actually foul Hadi because I think what is important is to increase the awareness amongst people as far as wearing the mask sanitizing and keeping social distance. Lockdown has tremendous other collateral damage as far as economic and job is concerned, which is also, I think something that the government needs to look into. So to answer if lockdown is the answer now, I think no think more important is to vaccinate as many people as possible so that we can break the chain.…"

Vaccine , a panacea and lockdown a solution?


Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 1yr ago · 0:30

"…But your response has given me a lot of hope and I'm feeling much better. Thank you so much. I doctor.…"

@AmeetPatki thank you 🙏


Abhigyan Singhal

@Abhi-gyan · 1yr ago · 2:46

"…But being part of groups with friends from different cities like Bangalore, especially. You see a lot of grim things. For example, people are posting on groups where there are bad availabilities, where we can get oxygen, where we can probably get some plasma. A lot of these things are becoming a lot more prominent on these groups.…"



Prashant A R

@Prashantar · 1yr ago · 3:43

"…Why are we in the current non readiness crisis in spite of a respectable sum of 19 Lacroix announced to handle pandemic and support the people during economic crisis induced by the health pandemic? Can there be a simple dashboard covering other efforts, progress, responsibility and state of resources used and not take the mileage for once. Let's respect life to avoid the conflict of perspectives. The context in which the hearts are shared. It's a basic requisite and not the individual's basic position or the basic position.…"



Vikram Rajagopal

@Vikram · 1yr ago · 3:05

"…Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stick to basics. Simple things. Always bring out the best results. Stay masked. Basic aspects of hot water. Three or four times a day. Steam inhalation three, four times a day, and there's nothing which will touch you. As far as code is concerned. It's a thing which has come and it's a thing which will go. This too, shall pass.…"

This too shall pass


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 1yr ago · 1:31

"…But for starters, right now, I'll be very happy if we at least get those essential medicines, the vaccines and enough beds sort of to help us cope with the onslaught of COVID the second wave, that's is.…"



Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 1yr ago · 1:00

"…Well, and definitely one does need to look at everything with that through the lens of the larger perspective of our purpose on Earth. And I think that gives me great solace to Vikram. It does. It does. But the questions do need to be asked. And so here we are. Wickham, thank you so much.…"



Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Praveen Unnikrishnan

@praveenuk82 · 1yr ago · 1:45

"…And it's been four days since we, as a state, have gone into a state of weekend lockdowns, and that, in turn, has promoted a more responsible behavior, I hope. And I'm kind of short. To a great extent, people are not venturing out. I stay in a campus where we have families. We've got a big park. But over the last few days, the behavior of people such that hardly people going out for morning walks.…"


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 1yr ago · 0:36

"…Hi, Praveen, thank you so much for responding and for giving us an understanding of the situation there in Bangalore. And I think more of your prayers are being answered because the state government has just, I think announced 15 day lockdown beginning tomorrow. So hopefully that should break the cycle and bring some risk to Bangaloreans. Thank you. Stay safe and prayers for all your wellbeing, all citizens there out there. Stay safe.…"


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 1yr ago · 0:30

"…Hi, Prashant. I just wanted to share that I think somebody has listened to your, you know, request for a dashboard. And there is a new item that I came across which specifically says that other center has asked to create a dashboard for available beds, ambulances, et cetera. I'm sharing it here. I hope our voices will collectively be heard by the powers that be. And I hope action will be taken sooner than later. Bye.…"

Sandhya Mishra

@pasha_822 · 1yr ago · 0:51

"…Once they are taking so much of money, the one who wants to take it, they can't it.…"



@Shaz · 1yr ago · 1:13

"…Hello, guys. So this is an update from Jenna Tamaru. We have been in lockdown from May 14 and up to June 21. Actually, our lockdown happens like every week it's assessed and it's decided whether the lockdown should be continued and if there are any changes to the guidelines. So right now we have shops open, but still, there's a general lockdown, and people have to go to their offices. They have to take an episode.…"

Update from Tamil Nadu! @wordsmith


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