Sreeja V

@Wordsmith·2yr ago·1:29

Does the sixth sense really exist?

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"…Do you believe in it? I'd like to hear other perspectives on this one. Thank you.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 3:12

"…I think that's really interesting because I think our bodies can see in multiple ways and similar to your experience with your husband, which I'm sorry that happened. And also it's amazing that you had a premonition about it. I had a similar experience about almost exactly two years ago. Now I got into a very severe car accident. I was a passenger and I had on collision going 70 miles an hour.…"


Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 2yr ago · 0:52

"…But we both had multiple of these. That whenever we have a bad dream, we make it a point to tell each other about it because we believe that if you speak the dream out, then the moment really doesn't happen. So it's almost like Schrodinger's Cat just wanted to share.…"


Witty Pegasus

@wittypegasus · 2yr ago · 1:20

"…There are a lot of times you visit a place, and because of some people, you just feel this negativity without any conversation, without any eye contact. You don't want to stay there or at some places you feel like you belong there. I feel all these experiences are a part of something extra, something beyond our traditional file senses that we experience, and these cannot be explained why these things happen. So these experiences, maybe they define what you call it intuition.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 2:46

"…I think it's so beautiful to hear all these affirmations, Rachel and Sudan and Wikipegis, I totally agree with your open mindedness us about the role of all this and sweet. It's so interesting to sort of have this unfold from your perspective, probably because sometimes we think we're alone in our madness. And then we keep on hearing these stories to affirm, and it connects me to the idea of collective consciousness also, which is part of our 6th sense orientation.…"

Collective consciousness


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 2yr ago · 4:56

"…Very well, said Deborah. I really wanted to contribute to this. I, too, have experienced these sort of things, whether it's just some sort of a premonation at times or even the weird connection, like between me and my wife, I would be thinking of a song or humming mentally of a song, and she would start humming it or vice versa. Which kind of leads me to believe there could be some unexplained, untapped connections that we haven't uncovered yet.…"


Ramya V

@Ramya · 2yr ago · 1:23

"…Numerous times when I've just known or felt that my son wasn't feeling well. I look at him and I get this weird instinct that tells me he's deeply troubled by something sort of an emotional knowing or a conversation without words. If I may say so, I don't know if it's because generally women are better able to sense emotional cues or because of the biological connection that a mother has shared with her children.…"

A mother's instinct #swellevergreen


Keerti Pragz

@KeeKee · 2yr ago · 2:45

"…And all I did there was to try and recollect what was there in my dream rather than actually looking around of means to get out. There was no sense of panic. I was at my best, which usually doesn't happen. So I went through my dream and I know there was something like a sick or something being used and it was not that difficult to come out and that's exactly what I did.…"

# brain power # background processing


Shahnaz Ahmed

@bookishpodcast · 2yr ago · 4:42

"…But as far as premonitions and things like that, I believe there is a certain there is so much that we do not know that signing science has not discovered it's along the line of the thought that we cannot see. There's so much that we cannot see. And so, Yeah.…"

The Secret, #intuition


Suzanne gallimore

@mothersworry · 2yr ago · 0:08

"…I really believe $0.06 exist.…"


Andrew Jacques

@swolllow · 2yr ago · 1:22

"…Hey guys, I was hearing some great responses and some really interesting stories as I was listening to the responses just wanted to weigh in my input on this. So I 110% believe that the human body can experience well, the human mind can experience a 6th sense. I think it presents itself in many different ways, such as like one person mentioned a dream or just a feeling of dread or something is going to happen.…"


"…If you don't evolve more, you can say, I know that pets are very involvement in spirituality, and if you take a pet that is old and the deer can run that. But the only thing they evolved in after that is just the inside security. And that's a kind of 6th sense easy aspect. But I can help anyone to get near this makes sense because.…"

#sixthsense #of #scorpio


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