Sreeja V

@Wordsmith·1yr ago·1:24

A few lines of prayer, together.


"…You could also please share the link to the audio or video of the prayer. Let's keep this chain of prayers alive and going. Om Sarve Swaster Bhavatu serviceantir Bhavatu survey Sham Purnamba Om Sarvey Bhavantu Sukinah survey Santuni Ramaya Sarvey Bhatrani fashion Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 1:04

"…I'm thinking of you guys so much, not just you in India, but all of the world, but because you have brought this beautiful moment to us to swell. I'm sending you the most love. And I'm going to also link the YouTube link here that explains Michael barrage above and what it means. It's a beautiful little story. So it's thank you so much for creating this beautiful space for us.…"


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 1yr ago · 0:53

"…And in this case, you may not even know that person personally, but then we are all connected as part of that consciousness, the universal consciousness. So thank you. And I can sense the warmth in your voice. And it touches my heart. Thank you. Deb.…"



Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Roomi Tarik

@roomi · 1yr ago · 4:44

"…And this was exactly the same thing. Back in 2010 eleven. I was actually very frustrated with some of the few things, and I wanted to get them out in the open as the solar and preachers about why is this thing making no sense and explain it to me? Because you turn to your preachers and your scholars and your Holy books and whatnot? So when you don't get answers from all of those sources, you tend to decide where I may have developed an agnostic front.…"


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