The Secretary and the Secret Weapon Who Kept ‘Em Flying

Walter died in 1950, and Olive became the first woman to head a major aircraft company she sought through the Korean War and early contributions to NASA. In Canada, the Royal Air Force had a secret weapon in designer and chief engineer Elsie McGill. She streamlined production of the Hawker Hurricane and introduced deicing controls. Under her leadership as chief aeronautical engineer, Cancar, which is canadian car and foundry, produced 1400 Hurricanes. She was on the first test flight of any aircraft she worked on

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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I just love how niche your series is and how much I get to learn about women engineers and pilots and people involved in the aircraft industry. The aviation industry. Sorry. It's so interesting, and I just would never come across this information otherwise. So thank you so much for sharing it. And I. Yeah, really appreciate it. Thank you