Anytime that I write something, that is me on a page, anytime that I cook something, that is me on a plate, anytime that I conceptualize and create and put any of my artistic endeavors out into the world, that is me bearing my soul to other people who have disability or sometimes don't have disability to be scrutinized and judged. And you got to be a different type of person for that

Some spaces require a different type of person. .

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It. Okay, then. I'm listening now. That was incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing that. Are you accepting applications for best friend and colleague? Because, yeah, I think we could probably have some talks. This was pretty incredible. It was excellent. And I look forward to being your friend. All right, talk to you later
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I appreciate that. You can appreciate the random things that kind of come to my brain on occasion. I suppose so. I am pleased to meet you, sir
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Welcome to Swell!

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#Vulnerability #Share #Open

I would also say that vulnerability is very much multifaceted. There is a simple sense of vulnerability as far as seeing someone's emotions experiencing somebody's rawness. And then there's also the vulnerability in doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. And I don't think that necessarily falls in the same category as sharing your vulnerability openly. You know what I mean?
D. Meatrie
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I honestly 100% appreciate everything that you said about vulnerability. Your take on that and your response to it is, I feel better than any of the thing that I was saying and kind of made me look at taking the stance of doing things that make you vulnerable in life and making you be so open. It kind of made me have a little better appreciation for it because a lot of times it just kind of feels like you're doing things, you're following what feels right