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Pluto- A Mystical Planet[Chapter-10]

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Adolphus looked at the red roses in front of him, and he had an idea of this sudden change. Her blood has the magic. It can turn the desert into heaven. He remembered Hagada's words. Her words are true. Adolphus gasped at the truth dawned upon him. Do you know how this happened? Had met asked her while looking at the rose garden. Ochana looked at him anxiously. Your blood. It is the reason for this garden

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You. Hello, Shrawani jamatadi. Many of you title Utah Pluto Mystical Planet or Job chapter wise batati music mujitni kushi otinaki kya AGI hoga gistara say apnea battaya gistara say apna apnea words use karish ravni itna acha laga itna acha Lagama batani sakti you are wonderful. Shrawani, you are wonderful. And keep writing, keep posting. And it's okay. You came after a long time, but what a comeback. And thank you so much for your swell. Best wishes to you
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