Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 4:57

I find "food and eating etiquettes" bullshit. Pt.1

We're learning that a lot of things that weren't okay at one point of time are okay. And the one major thing that I find should be completely normalized is food table habits and manners. Okay, when I say this, I don't mean that a person should just come sit across me and chew with their mouth open so that I see their morsels inside their mouth getting chewed down and everything, because that is something that can make me lose my appetite
Junaid Khalfay
@captkhalfay · 5:00
Normally, you would just kind of break the roti with your hand and eat it. But maybe in a formal dinner, you'd make a roll out of it and then keep it in the other hand and then use the spoon. I feel it's just the different scenarios that come up. And as for that, you got to do it. And this is coming from someone who enjoys eating a lot. But there are times when the basic things like what they say