Would you feel any differently if it were your home?!

How would that make you feel when you walk out or you walk through your home and see people decimating your oceans, breaking down your burial grounds, where your ancestors live, where you pray, where you cultivate your food, where you raise your children. Imagine that life and what we go through. How would you feel? I would hope that you would feel that I would hope that you would feel protective. I would hope that you would want to restore

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Ty Dobbs
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I'm curious as to what they're going to discover started the fire, but it's so tragic to think about how many people have lost their lives and how many people that are still lost and not found and what was having to be done to yeah, it's just a nightmare, a nightmare situation. And I was in disbelief seeing the footage yesterday morning. I believe it was. Yeah, absolutely baffling. But, yeah, I appreciate you speaking out, I really do
Kuuipo MeKealoha
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What we're seeing so much of on the ground floor right now is there are a lot of donations that are coming in from or help supposedly, that are coming in from outside officials, from FEMA, from federal government, from even our stateside and locals here on the ground. People here on the ground have yet to have any direct contact with any of these people, with any of these officials
Ty Dobbs
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Hey, thank you so much for your heartfelt reply. Yeah, I also had to chime in again, just yeah, it makes my heart definitely moves my heart. I feel for you to the best of my ability where I am. I could only imagine having experienced deep, tragic loss in my life. And the legal system alone is not set up in a way where you can even begin to grieve normally, let alone when there's vultures or sharks circling you and your assets and your land