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Now, FEMA and Red Cross didn't come in till four or five days after the fact and then decided that they wanted to take control of everything that was happening without understanding that things were already being distributed. There was already a plan in motion. The governor and a lot of people can disagree with me. That's perfectly fine. The governor is full of crap. He's full of crap. He's been full of crap since he was lieutenant governor

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Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 3:10


So I feel I'm really grateful that you're speaking into this space well with honesty and courage and also letting you know as an Indian, as a Canadian, as an American, as a Sikh punjabi Sikh actually, that's more what I am. My indigenous community and where I'm from and where my mom's from is from the farm and the land in India and Punjab
Kuuipo MeKealoha
@Werk_it_0ut · 4:46


It'd just be ten times harder for us to do it on our own, which is not a problem, because we're not afraid of work. I truly believe that. But at the same time, if we can start from five steps ahead instead of ten steps back, that's a great starting point. And for us to be able to work with the government, I feel like that's kind of where it would go. But yeah, right now, tourism is a big concept