Wendi Hinrichs
@WendiHinrichs · 1:42

4th of July gratefulness series

Good morning. We are preparing for the 4 July here. And as part of my gratefulness practice, I am wanting to think about and also ask ask the swell community about things that you're grateful for to be living in the United States and what that means to you. And so I'll start and I'm going to do this every day until 4 July. So it obviously was a tough year for everyone

Being a woman in the USA

Gabbi Hinrichs
@gabbi.hinrichs · 0:23
This is a cool idea for a series, mom, and I really like that you're sharing something you're grateful for every day, not really anything like us related, but I'm really grateful today that summertime and that I have fun friends that I can hang out with that support me every single day