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Surya V
@welcome28 · 5:00

What is LIFE 🤔

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If you are egoless and down to earth, you will be certainly happy. So please give it a try to be peaceful and happy. Life should have a little bit of fun, humor, et cetera. If you are a very serious person in life, one day, someday, at a later date, you will certainly repent of having been so. Yet, in some cases, I have observed people lose balance as they advance in age

Lets discuss what is #life #motivation #podcast #happiness

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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:37
Hello. So thank you so much for this wonderful spell on the topic, what is life? So if you start defining the word life, you have lots to speak, you have lot of things to understand and analyze. It's just a four letter word, but it has lots and lots of hidden meaning. The one who is able to understand the hidden meaning and the beauty will only be able to lead a happy life
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