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And she sent me a couple of podcasts because she knows that I'm interested in listening to those to kind of educate me on how high blood pressure affects the body, a lot of which I've already known in terms of the personal experiences with it. My nana passed away in 2020. She was on dialysis for the last 20 years of her life after getting a kidney transplant in 2001, that one failed as well. My father is currently in renal failure and on kidney dialysis himself

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Shaniqua Murrell
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He runs the film through a specific software, and then it spits out data for my doctor then to analyze. And I spoke with her. She was in the office. And so she'll touch base with me, if not before the holiday, next week, the following Monday. And what he could see without analyzing anything is that the blood flow is good. So that's a good thing. There's a lot of other things that they're looking at
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