Where do we learn love?

Now, thick also says children who grow up in this environment will naturally learn how to love and understand each other. And this is where the skills come in. If you have those skills to be understanding towards yourself, your partner towards other people, if you have that skill and understanding to behave in a manner that brings happiness to others, is it not your moral duty to pass that on to people? I believe it is. And I also believe it's a natural thing

I’m going to read a quote about inheriting Loving skills, and explore this with examples from my history.

Ty Dobbs
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And that other people who may be fresher on the path will find inspiration in this offering here and that they will seek out maybe an enlightened inspiration advice of their own by picking up a book or two here and there that gives them courage, strength and hope for a better life. Because you emphasize the importance of love above all. And I'm at a point where I couldn't really fathom that we're here to do anything other than just love
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:57
Of course, I learned a lot from my parents and also learned later in life when I started my spiritual journey from a lot of inspiring people around me, right, who have been part of that journey, who consider it very natural to come from a place of giving rather than receiving. And I think that is the hallmark of love, isn't it? It is to be able to give and without any expectations and unconditionally. So I am on that trajectory now, learning how to do that