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Kallanai - one of the world's oldest functioning dam.

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And this bridge above the current was just 200 years back by British. Although this is a mainstream to this place in Tamil Nadu, nothing of it about it but visit here to see one of the engineering models of a country is highly recommended and they say that a small honeymoon temple somewhere on this that has from floods and other natural disasters. I personally to visit this temple though I've been to a d*** couple of times so to visit the place if you happen to be around

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Ramya V
@Ramya · 0:53
Hey Gautam, thank you for this post. I'm so glad that you spoke about Kalanai because I think that's one of the though, as you said, it's touristy. It's one of the most underrated tourist places in Ramya. Now who I would say because people just passed by it without even giving it a second glance with many of them not even knowing the history or the significance of this great engineering Marvel that's there right in front of us
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