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The Fight Club

Hi everyone. So on my topic, this movie called Fight Club. If you have already seen this movies, maybe you know the plot of this movie where the protagonist is actually having the split personality. One of this personality is like a regular person who is just doing his nine to five job and maybe just going through things, trying to get things like a bigger TV, like a bigger house, everything fancy clothes and everything. And then there is another personality which is free

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It's like a new experience. But if you're doing that only because of the pure pressure or the societal pressure, then that's not a good sign. So I believe we have to set our priorities right, and that's what matters. Actually, it's our priorities. It's our decision whether to go ahead and purchase this fancy product or not, or whether we have other needs in life where we have to save money for that
Lost Millennial
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I think I kind of agree with you on this. And yes, I mean, it doesn't hurt you when you're like the income. Thing is I absolutely believe but you know what? This financial engineering has been into this world that is called EMI. And this EMI is a very, very risky thing. Why would I say that? Because it actually gives you a perception of that you can afford things which you actually cannot