Introduction to the Yogasutras of Patanjali

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When you've kind of dropped many, many preconceived ideas and notions, you understand karma very well, you understand the meaning of time, and you figure out that what is real, what is not real, and you develop an incredible sense of discernment. And when you do that, one by one, you do reach an incredibly beautiful state of bliss where you have to discard so many kinds of things. And that, finally, is the ultimate state of yoga

My swellcasts are intended to ibtroduce you, one step at a time, to the Yogasutras of Patanjali. I am the author of Yogasutras Simplified.

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Amazing @Vmurthy88

Hello and welcome to swell. Your book is extremely interesting. I did hear about it and it was on my to be read list. I still look forward to reading it sometime soon because I have been practicing yoga for like close to a decade now. But the real inspiration behind this has been my mother who's been doing it for like 40 years and more and she credits yoga with her good health and with everything that it brings along. And many times she did try to push me
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Vasudev Murthy
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You. Hello there. Thank you so much for your nice message, and I'm so glad that you found me. And let's hope that the book makes sense and you derive something interesting from it. I hope to be creating a swell cast today and maybe even tomorrow. So do let me know. I would love to have your feedback on how to enhance the whole experience. This thank you and looking forward to being in touch. Take care. Bye
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