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While doing this, wherever I work, wherever I go, wherever I got opportunity, I try. I help my best to bring happiness, peace, prosperity and a joy in the lives around me. I wish this podcast will help you in one or other way to grow in your life, to expand your life, to love your life. Be safe, be happy, keep rocking. Good day


Challa Sri Gouri
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Hi, Vivek. First of all, a hearty welcome to you to the Swell platform, and it's really great to know about you. And the moment I started listening about you, I felt like we'll be able to learn a lot. At the same time, your expertise and your passion and interest will help all the Swell community members to get answers to their questions or to get some of the other sort of help in the form of yes Wells
Speaking Buddha
@Vivek.Padalia · 0:22

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Thanks Gauri, for your warm welcome. Definitely I would love to contribute in the community with best of my knowledge and experience. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the coming sessions or the discussions. Have a great day. Thank you