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Power of Spirituality ~ Soul Talks

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We are exploring various spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness, prayer and other ways based on experiences how they can be integrated into daily routines or daily life to promote overall well being of human life. In our upcoming episodes, we are going to offer practical tips, strategies for copying various situations and emotions with grief, sorrow or stress based on psychological researches and personal experiences

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Rakesh Kumar
@RakeshKumar2023 · 1:02
You session can be very helpful for many people. And beautifully you have explained what kind of life we can lead. How can we become happy and he human qualities we must have. And without them life is nothing. And we must know how to get satisfied, how to get happiness, how to. So your sessions definitely will help many people. You so it's a kind job and keep doing it and it will help millions of people
Kaveri Bhatt
@kaveri_bhatt · 1:24
Many of us may call it merging in the Brahmajyoti and many of us follow the Bhakti marg, the path of devotion and attain a loving relationship with God forever. So God bless. Thank you. Keep in touch. Let's evolve together
Payal Shandil Gupta
@Payal_Shandil · 0:15
You. Good morning. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece. It was very enlightening, and I look forward to listening more and learning more about spirituality. Have a great day ahead. Bye