He is a BE & M.tech in material handling, science and technology from IIT Kharagpur. He started his career in 1986 as a graduate engineer and his journey started exactly from the shop floor as a production engineer, supply chain operations and finally became a plant head in the second stint of his life which started in 2012 and 2013..

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What are the early memories you carry with yourself which helped you to move forward in your life and of course where you born and how it all started as a small kid. Thank you
Thank you Vivek for inviting me to this podcast to share my experiences and this is a very unique experience for me. I hope I will do justice and my inputs and my experiences will be of some use to the listeners of this podcast. Thank you Vivek. Once again
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Thank you, Nakina, for putting it in a very simple words. And the important part is the hard work. I think that is the base for each and every human being, which is also known as karma. So let's moving to our next question that is about your growing up age. And from today, when you look back, how do you see your life journey?
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Thank you. Nikina. It is beautiful that whosoever you met in your life journey or whosoever come across you learn from all of them. And mainly by observing and scanning things around. I have one more thing coming into my mind. I will ask you in my third question that how much observation plays a role in one's life, in growth, in learning and development? Please put some thoughts around it
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So, Nakkina, you keep advocating perseverance and resilience. I have seen you talking about it time to time, or when it comes to sharing something very specifically or based on some experiences. We talked about it so I want to know, how did it help you? And one more thing which you touched upon in your previous response, that is about our efforts, our goals, our vision
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So here with these questions I would like to share with all of us that life is a journey and we are travelers. So let go with the flow, enjoy each moment and try to be happy, try to be blissful and satisfied. Whatever we have with us in terms of the resources, in terms of the knowledge, wisdom, though, we should not stop from keep trying. So my best wishes for all of you that keep moving, keep working, keep trying, keep growing
Thank you Vivek for that question. My childhood was pretty simple. I belonged to a middle class family with three siblings. My father was a postural department employee and he was a simple and hardworking person. He supported his four children to the best of his abilities and he strived hard to provide us with good education and hence guarantee our future. He did that under very challenging conditions. My mother was a homemaker and was a great cook. I remember her preparing delicious food with minimum ingredients and limited infrastructure
I learned a lot by observing and scanning the environment, picking up the good and leaving a set not so good. What helped me most is the process of evolution and making the progress. Like the way I mentioned, I am still work in progress. I met to deliver my best. I keep working to deliver my best even as we talk now. Thank you
Thank you Vivek. Like the way I mentioned earlier, I learned much by observing others, their practices, their values, their behaviors, and also by scanning the environment around me. And I call that as the open university from which we can learn a lot if we want to learn. And on my volunteering with social sector, I have been very lucky. I feel that when our minimum requirements are met in our life, we have the ability and the mindset to think about others
Vivek in general, one's life journey is all about perseverance, resilience, and continual evolution. I observed many people who bounced back after their setbacks, and I also noted their experiences, their mindset and their practices, and ultimately their message to others. We have seen many role models in this context and wonderful to learn from them to guide over the challenges that come across in various stages of life. It is always a great feeling when I overcome my challenges and bounce back to me
The third is adaptability. We need to develop mindset to adapt to the changes that are taking place in this world. The fourth is perseverance, staying focused and see through completion of tasks without giving up. And the last one is resilience, our ability to bounce back from the setbacks. Thank you Vivek for giving me this opportunity. I hope my experiences and my inputs will be of some use to others. Thank you