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Article from Unknown Source ~ Saving v/s Sharing

Not to talk us up, but having a financial advisor who can be a mentor and coach can definitely help anyone. This should also make us ponder over giving as part of wealth management. Not all focus on giving as much as saving and spending. We all create wealth because of the opportunities provided by the society and we need to give at least something back to the society. In our case, all things in life. Wealth is important

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@Vivek.Padalia Financial Literacy in youth Curriculum.

And I wanted to share with you and your community the value of financial literacy in children, in our community. This is a really big push right now, and of course, we're all surprised that this isn't taught in schools and this is where our community is putting the wedge. So when we go to solution there in the financial literacy of our youth, how do we put that into our curriculums? How do we encourage our parents to get on board and become a stakeholder in teaching financial literacy?
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And you rightly said there is no curriculum and this financial literacy is not at all part of the curriculum and only by small lessons or by sharing experiences with the kids it at home or by the elders. This education is passed on to them and I strongly feel that there should be formal education system in our primary education which need to be inducted for the kids it and this is really going to help and that is the need of the time