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Happy Birthday to you My Son

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Good evening, everyone. Today is Devine's 6th birthday. And today's poetry is dedicated to him. Your birth is my rebirth. I took rebirth the day you took birth. It was the day of celebration as I was a mother. No more barren. Your birthday date is engraved forever on the timeline of my lifeline. I know you are mine. You are my blood, my bone. You are my part. Your hairs, lips, chin and fingers are replicas of mine

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Hello there. First of all, I want to wish your son a very, very happy birthday. May he always stay safe, fit and fine, and stays healthy. And the poem you have written was amazing. The way you express every words was full of emotions. Her poem is a pack of emotions which I can actually feel right now. The way you have expressed the poem to us was really great. And as you have mentioned, it is your D bird
Uchi. Uchita Galaiya
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Hi. This is Feather. Good evening. Thank you very much for posting this, and I really liked it. So keep do posting like this. And belated happy birthday wishes to your son. Thank you very much
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Welcome to Swell!

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Mayor Apnea Bolse I am no more a five year old control garnegi koshish kazi YoMo j this and that. But bhaj galatu she always tells me you are my part nap navi bola. Literally, this touched me so much. Like I'm literally teardive because of the spell. Literally. This is so pure and this felt so deep. Thank you for sharing such an amazing poem with us. Kabita puri family Bahad kosh rahe yehi PRA karungi and loads of love to him
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Good afternoon, ma'am. Hemasinha aswalpost parapki. Poor Suni. Joaapne janam dinper boss sundar panthya dali hair sunai hair palatoma janam dinki bhatik shubkam nai dena chahongi or apnea jovi kavi sunay ma'am or ismay kavitake madhyam say apnajo emotions batai bhatchikli blessings dhangsunayah Agibi asha karungi. Thank you, ma'am