Climate change

It leads to loss of sea ice and melting of ice sheets which is caused by the increased temperatures. This also greatly impacts the Arctic plants and animals. They are rapidly dying, decreasing in numbers, possibly learning to the extinctions. Some of the endangered ones are Kawala, Atlantic court, Monog, butterfly, ringed seals, polar bears, et cetera. They are in the danger of getting exchanged some of the fact regarding climate change

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Simran Sehrawat
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Hi, I'm Shakar. The first of all, I should mention that it's a vehicle and very informative I came across as well. And the topic is really interesting. And I have have heard a lot that this year is the hottest year, like a really long time. I don't have knowledge about global warming and everything. And I have heard like animals are dying and people are also getting sick because of all this. It is affecting our whole country