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Vansh Chopra

 · 2yr ago · 0:12

THE DIALOGUE #2 Topic ~ Do you think peer pressure has a role to play in Self development

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"…Hi, guys. I'm Bunch, and I'm presenting the dialogue. The second topic for the dialogue is, do you you you you think peer pressure has a play in self development.…"

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@Pushkar111 · 2yr ago · 0:32

"…Hey, Vansh, it's a great topic. And I'm personally against a topic that I you you you you think peer role role to play in self development? Selfdevelopment has to come from within a person. While peer pressure is something that your peer and your friends force you to do, like, negative peer pressure can lead people into bad directions, into trying drugs and skipping school and all that stuff. So yeah, what I believe is that peer pressure has no overall in self development whatsoever.…"

yashvi birla

@yashvibirla · 2yr ago · 0:34

"…I would also like to go ahead and mention that I do not believe that peer pressure plays any role in child development. So I'd like to speak against the topic. Peer pressure is not something that plays a role in self development because self development is about yourself, as the word suggests, it's about the effort that you put in to develop yourself your own skills and not about how you giving to peer pressure.…"


@VasuJ · 2yr ago · 0:38


"…And when you have lost that sense of self, there's no self improvement happening because you're not doing it because you wanted to do it. You are doing it because others want you to do it. So I'd like to say that it does not lead to self improvement.…"

ktk SPAM

@ktk · 2yr ago · 0:26

"…This is a great topic, and I stand against it. I think negative peer pressure can have a negative impact on adolescents or a teen selfesteem. And in some cases, we have seen that children and teens find themselves overly dependent on their peers because they begin to develop an issue with self confidence. So it has to come from within. And it has nothing to do with outside peer pressure.…"

Kartik Sood

@sood11 · 2yr ago · 0:44

"…A self development should come from oneself and produce at least speaking personally, I know better for myself than someone else. So several adapted to come from yourself. So I do not you you you think peer pressure has a rough.…"

Vansh Poddar

@Vansh1 · 2yr ago · 0:30

"…Hey. So personally, I think that I'm going to be against this topic because peer pressure and self development are not linked at all. Self development comes from within a person. You know, they want to do better in life and they want to achieve something. While a peer pressure, it can lead to a negative impact as well as a positive impact. But I think in most of the cases, it leads to a negative impact. So you think peer pressure has a development are related.…"

Rashi Kothari

@Rashi21 · 2yr ago · 0:27


"…I totally disagree with the fact that peer pressure has something to do with selfdevelopment. I think as the term suggests, selfdevelopment, it is something to do with an individual person, an individual growth, and how one develops themselves. Peer pressure just influences us. They do not have anything to do with how we grow and develop as a person.…"

Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

07 Ananya Jain

@Ananya · 2yr ago · 0:36

"…Hi Vansh I strongly opposed to the topic, and I stand against the topic. I think that peer pressure does not influence one selfdevelopment because selfdevelopment is development of one's themselves. And I think that comes from the determination and focus of how strong they want to complete their aim successfully. So I don't think that anyone can deviate them from that path. So self development, it is what they feel about themselves, and it's nothing related to the peer pressure.…"

vanshika shah

@Vanshika_Shah · 2yr ago · 0:31

"…I'm against this topic because I feel like peer pressure has nothing to do with selfdevelopment peer pressure basically influences like the way one person will behave and make changes according to what like their friends are doing or like to fit into a group. While selfdevelopment Department basically is like increasing your own potential, learning new things and having new experiences which are no way related to what your friends around you are doing or something like that. You're going to do something to better yourself.…"


@bhumiikaaaa · 2yr ago · 0:43

"…I feel like peer pressure does not have role to play in self development. Because peer pressure can invade our minds. It can prevent us from seeing things or making decisions the way we normally would. It can stop us from thinking critically or acting think compassionately. Moreover, we stop thinking about what is right or what is best for us and begin focusing on what is most acceptable by society. This can make us feel very anxious and uncomfortable.…"

Mahekk Shah

@Mahekk · 2yr ago · 0:33

"…I am totally against this topic because these peer also influenced the way we dress and act and there are things involved in it and the attitude the show. It's just the people influence the peers because they want to fit in or you know, be like a person person which is not clearly self development. According to me, they are just the people who they admire and want to become like that instead of just appreciating their own individual. So I think that's completely wrong.…"

sarvagya chawla

@sarvagya.123 · 2yr ago · 0:30

"…Hello ones. Thank you for this interesting topic. So I completely stand against this point of views that peer pressure helps in selfdevelopment. And as we as as the name suggests, that it is self development, it is something that we need to work on every day and every minute to improve and just be the best versions of ourselves. So yeah, thank you. Bye.…"

Ansh Suda

@Ansh_24 · 2yr ago · 0:31

"…Hi James. First of all, I would like to appreciate the topic that you have raised, and I would like to speak against it. As you you think peer pressure has a someone selfdevelopment selfdevelopment, for me, is something that comes from within. And if a person is isn't motivated himself, I really don't think anyone could motivate that person. Rather, peer pressure makes people do things that they really don't want to do themselves.…"


@anshahuja · 2yr ago · 0:37

"…I definitely disagree with this topic and feel that peer pressure instead of developing a personality, it impacts it in a very negative way. Sometimes peer pressure can have dire consequences, maybe really be influenced by others and get insecure about our own personality so much. So there's no scope of improving it because we've been so demotivated by what others are doing and what others are saying. And that kind of an extreme consequence can really hamper the way one can lead their lives.…"

Rhea Jison

@rheajison · 2yr ago · 0:32

"…I definitely feel that peer pressure does play a role in self development, since in today's generation, people are inspired by everyday superheroes and buying their friends more than any other role models. As such, healthy competition between peers can often encourage others to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, which in turn leads to something self development.…"

S-1140 Luthra Nysa Sanjay

@Nysa_Luthra · 2yr ago · 0:59

"…So I don't think that peer pressure has a big role in shaping our personality because it's ultimately your will and your actions that are responsible for your life. People say Ki Bacha Bhari Sangha Padai kaam Kara. But blaming your actions on Buddhism is very wrong. According to me, first of all, I believe that we make friends only with those people who have a similar mindset like ours. But okay, that is secondary.…"

Rashi Pareek

@rashipareekk · 2yr ago · 0:20

"…I think peer pressure does not play a role in our selfdevelopment because at the end of the day, people do what they want to and there is a big difference between being encouraged to do something and being pressured to do something. So peer pressure suggest may have a very negative impact on someone's mental health as well.…"


@Viraj_Modi · 2yr ago · 0:30

"…Hi once this is Viraj, I'm going to be speaking against the motion as I believe that peer pressure has no role whatsoever role to play in self development. Development comes from within the individual and not by activities or ideas that are forced upon him or her by friends or peers. If one gives into peer pressure, 1 may engage in harmful and destructive activities such as skipping classes or avoiding work, starting to use addictive substances. All of this instead of self development results in self destruction.…"

Jeeya Hingorani

@jeeyahingorani · 2yr ago · 0:35

"…I am against this topic because selfdevelopment is when a person consciously tries to improve himself in the various aspects of his life, like he tries to improve his personal skills, his talents and his knowledge. And whereas peer pressure is when someone does something to fit in or to be accepted by his or her friends. So I think that peer pressure does not affect self development because cell development comes from within, and it's a conscious effort to do something for yourself and to make yourself better.…"

Shreya Raghuvanshi

@raghuvanshi · 2yr ago · 0:55

"…You engage in risky behavior, you have self esteem and self confidence issue because you constantly feel and pressure do things that go against your values. And you might also be unhappy with your appearance if your peers are fixating on appearance and it's makes you feel inadequate and not enough. And these are far, far away from self development.…"

Ananya Khanna

@khanna06ananya · 2yr ago · 0:18

For the motion

"…Hello everyone. I personally believe that peer pressure does have a role to play in self development, considering the fact that a lot of our thoughts, ideas, and mannerisms and instruments are the people you choose to surround ourselves with which is our friend circle. So if our friends endorse a certain idea or do things a certain way bound to get influenced by them and followed suit. Thank you.…"

Vandita Pujari

@Vandita · 2yr ago · 0:26

"…Hello everyone. I do believe that peer pressure has role, role, role, role to play in self development. Social creatures are heavily influenced by our peers, our circle of friends. And there is always is going to be peer pressure to do something whether good or bad. And at the end it is our choice to do good or to succumb to the pressure. Thank you. Bye.…"

Sidhant Kothriwal

@Sidhant_33 · 2yr ago · 0:29


"…I am against you. You you you think peer role role to play in self development? Selfdevelopment is a process of consciously improving oneself in various aspects of his or her life. It is a conscious pursuit of personal growth by improving personal skills, competencies, talents, and knowledge. According to me, peer pressure compels people to do things against their own will. By succumbing to peer pressure, people take a wrong decision which may land them in serious troubles.…"

Sohini Joarder

@Rover_Phoenix · 2yr ago · 0:49

"…Well, it's really a very conflicting topic to think about, but I think if I directly, I would definitely stand against it because peer pressure is mostly has its negative influence. Role role role to play in self development comes from within a person. So I think self motivation should be the best thing for self development. But also, in my case, I have found that sometimes peer pressure has acted really helpfully in my own development. Well, too much peer pressure is definitely bad for a person.…"

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