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Tao Te Ching 78 - Paradoxical Truths

We've seen lawmakers push policies that lessen some people's rights and elevate others, despite the promise in America that each and every person has certain unalienable rights. As Lao Tsu puts it, these people are often the worst criminals. Yet the job of a priest is to bring people closer to a holy message. The purpose of police officers and lawmakers is to uphold a moral and just law for all those who are part of this society that is subject to this law

What does it mean to "practice?" - - not just the work of a lifetime, the joy and play of a lifetime.

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And third, I'm curious if there is a time you could point to in human history in which things have been done the right way. If possible, I'd appreciate it if you could do it in three different responses. I think they are interrelated, but different questions. Thanks so much. Hope you're having a great day