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Tao Te Ching 1

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Capitalism is the free exchange of value among consenting people, where the proper role of governance, of accountability is to protect that right of consent, to say no to someone else's version of happiness. And yet what this text recognizes is that an idea that can be expressed in words like happiness, like fulfillment, like satisfaction, is not the infinite idea itself. And so any law that we try to put into place is going to be inherently flawed

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Hey, man. This is such a tactical approach. This is so unique and powerful. I like the association you made with the Founding Fathers and how it's been there since before then, but yet wasn't made aware, and I think that's so interesting. Yeah, dude, there's a lot. I've read these excerpts and adaptations that you mentioned. Not all of them, right?
Manorama D’Alvia
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I'm a linguist by trade, by nature, and so I had no idea that it was not translated until 1860, which is really a long time, or a short time, depending on which angle you're looking at it. Tao Te Ching of the Dow Ditching were sort of present, but not within the context of the English language. So that's very interesting. Interesting. All right, well, thanks, man. Look forward to connecting more. And take care. Bye
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