As citizens of the world to come, we must realize that all this pain a woman goes through is only to continue our race and that she should be glorified for it and not ashamed. Try not being awkward while addressing your period. The next time, try not to hide your pad inside the newspaper in your pocket as though it's a gun. That will be a good start. There are a few period stigmas that need to end. Number one, menstruation makes you impure or dirty

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Tanjot Singh
@whothetansin · 2:43
Since everything is natural, I don't know why people overrate things and present it like it's out of the world. I would like to tell about an incident that happened with me recently. I was in a supermarket and person was buying those, what you call pads. I think that's the correct word that I used in periods and all. So he was buying them and he got his packet. He made the payment and got his bill and he asked for a packet
Vaishnavi Agarwal
@vaishnavi0604 · 0:19
Hi. Thank you so much. I totally agree with you and I respect your opinion. And I also agree on the fact that sex education is really important in our country today because most people don't even know what periods are. Everyone is supposed to know what a menstruator Suffolk thank you