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A Healing Poetry

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You. Lost and found. Lost in thought. The sky changed colors. Lost in memories. The sky thundered. Lost in emotions. The sky broke. Rain came down, washing away the thoughts, memories and emotions all down the drain. Blue. All. All that was left was to be found. Found a new thought, created a new memory. Emotions came back and so did the sun. Brighter and stronger. And that was all that mattered at the end

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Urmi Mehta
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Hello. Sharing with you another piece, a oneliner that I had written a very long time ago. But something that just happened to cross my eye today. Relationship cried and shivered in pain tonight as it feared a breaking little did it know the moon had blessed it with friendship instead
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So, yeah, I really liked the way you offer a different perspective, and it really does make you feel very positive about even the seemingly negative things
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Very nice. Really very nicely put across loud listening to this. Thank you
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