Everyones Going to the Moon

The US. And the Soviet Union were still developing the technology to go to the Moon for the very first time. Today, multiple nations and even private companies have the technological capability to send spacecraft to the Moon. Space itself is now more crowded, too, hosting to satellites tied into terrestrial economies, carrying communications and providing guidance signals and observing agricultural water and other resources on the ground. The goal is no longer to achieve technological superiority

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Arthur Benitez
@Arthur_Dante · 4:53
Actually, this is not about humanity only all the species are actually fighting for natural resources. We know that there are plenty of animals whose male part usually have some territorial issue and they do not like to share it because they are also a natural resource. Natural resource for them means food and females. And for us, well, it means much more. It means water, it means territory for housing, it means agriculture, more farmlands, et cetera