Hotel Toe Sucker

He was immediately confronted by Neil and he recognized him as the person who had come into the room the day before with another employee to address the issue the guest was having with his TV at that time. That according to investigators. Officers arrived at the hotel and spoke with Neil, who admitted to entering the guest's room, but said he did so only after allegedly smelling smoke and wanted to check on the victim

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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 0:45
Okay. I saw this story the other day, and I was like, this is about as bizarre as it gets. So far in 2023, I could not imagine waking up and and having someone doing that to me, especially a stranger who just invited themselves into my room to do this. I mean, all I can say is the hotel manager apparently has some type of foot fetish, and in some respects, it's funny. In other respects, it's not because it's unsafe