VW refuses to track stolen car with kidnapped child #1275

Adding to that list of grievances against Volkswagen services back in 2021, VW experienced a massive breach of its data, once again through a third party that compromised the personal information of over 3 million customers. Our thanks to the byte and Frank Landymore for their contributions to urban legends and stranger truths. I'm Bob Dennis

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Ruby T
@WanderingYehudi · 5:00
But apparently those little piggies shut down my computer inside of it. And I pulled over to the next city to try to switch out the vehicle, and they said they had never seen a code pop up like that on that vehicle before. And I was thinking about Jesus Christ and how he had cast some demons into a herd of swine. And I was like, maybe those little piggies were having an effect on my driving computer capability, but they did switch it out