Space junk hits Florida home. #1421

After the investigation, Utero would like to keep his cosmic souvenir, he says. I asked for that a hundred times. But he says NASA's representatives were shocked and apologetic about the experience and told him they first needed to confirm that the debris was in fact from the agency's property. They did not confirm whether they would return that object to Otero. I'd love to keep it for all kinds of reasons, but I'm not holding my breath

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 0:34
Hey, Bob. Crazy story, man. I'm actually responding to you from the balcony of a house in Naples, Florida. I actually just got here last night to spend a week with my family. And I think that's absolutely insane. Crazy small world. Now I'm looking out this balcony, imagining a piece of space debris just hurling down onto this little town and landing into our good friend's roof. So, anyway, wild