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Should You "Break In" a New Car?

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The process is designed to promote even engine wear through normal operating procedures and temperatures, consistent pressures and smooth flowing oil. Doing so will cause the piston rings to contract, expand and flex properly along the cylinder walls. Working the engine too early can cause some hot spots within the engine cylinders that could cause issues for the coming years. If you're no car expert, the experts advise that you follow the manufacturer's recommended break in procedures for maximum engine care

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Reh Dogg
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I’ve never felt the need to break in any new car I’ve ever bought. I feel it’s unnecessary.

I don't think it needs to be broken in where I got to go jump on the highway and go 100 miles an hour and stuff like that. I just think it's unnecessary. I'm not sure why it's needed. I've never had a car that's not lasted as long because I didn't break it in. Like my Nissan Mac, not my Nissan Ultima that I had for, I don't know, like, 15 years
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