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Chat GPT Preacher

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End quote. Simmerline said he also asked for psalms to be included, as well as prayers and a blessing at the end quote. You end up with a pretty solid church service, Simmerline said, sounding almost surprised by the success of his experiment. Indeed, the believers in the church listened attentively as the artificial intelligence preached about leaving the past behind, focusing on the challenges of the present, overcoming fear of death and never losing trust in Jesus Christ

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That just really is weird that they even elected to do that. But I guess they did, because they did. I guess it just wouldn't have dawned on me that that would be something that we would see AI kind of impeding upon that area of human life. I can understand all the other aspects that it is showing up in, but not that one. But I think the feedback alone should tell them, that was good, but don't do that again no time soon
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When we have preachers and pastors or religious leaders, what are they doing? They're connecting. And AI can't connect. We look at facial expressions, we look at body language, we look at tonality, we listen for tonality, we listen for the words that are coming out of our preacher's mouth. And if Chat GPT says a lot of great things, but it's just a monotone voice, we're not going to feel anything from it
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You. Hey there. Thanks for sharing, I guess the thoughts that came to mind, especially as someone who practices Catholicism. Yeah, I mean, I can obviously post my own critiques of experiencing church in my own religious practice that there's a real temptation, I think, in all religious and spiritual engagement to go on autopilot, it sounds like this is exactly showing what already happens, even if it isn't AI
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