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Bond …James Bond

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The character doesn't sleep around with a bunch of people. He only hooks up with Vesper after their harrowing mission is over and Bond has some racy fantasies about her. But in terms of their actual intimacy, the films are much soapier. The arch reality that Bond would later embody simply doesn't exist in Casino Royale. In the much later books, some of the Connery swaggers starts to emerge, partly because Fleming lived to see Dr. No and From Russia with Love made into films

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Really enjoyed it. And I'm looking forward to where the neck where the franchise goes on the movie side and what can they do after Daniel Craig in terms of going back to somebody as authentic, as close to the original character or will they again take off in a whole different direction? So I'm looking forward to the next worship
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Wow. Thank you for your compliments and your comments. I appreciate it. I have always enjoyed James Bond and the classiness about him, even in the books and in the movies. They're very different characters, as you note, and as we noted in the story. But it's always fun to find other people who appreciate it. So thank you for your comments. I really do appreciate it
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Hello. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your comments. As I've mentioned previously, I really enjoy both the books and the movies. They are very different, although I always worry when they come out with a new bond because I'm never sure whether it's going to match up with what my ideas or thoughts were going to be in regards to bond. I enjoyed Daniel Craig very much and I'm hoping that whoever comes next can continue in at least as equivalent level as what Daniel Craig did
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I very much like this review slash summary for a number of reasons. One, it makes me want to read the book a lot, even though it is, I guess you said, 70 years old at this point. Wow. Which is incredible. There are definitely aspects of the older Boz movies and maybe I'm just nostalgic that I like better than the newer ones. I don't know
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