bob dennis
@Urbanlegends · 1:30

Gigantic Swimming Pool in NY’s East River #1275

Normally when you hear about New York City's East river, it has something to do with swimming with the fishes. But this time it's a brand new huge swimming pool that's going to be built in New York City. Hear about it at urban legends and stranger truths

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Magenta Deveraux
@AKAMagenta · 1:32

@Urbanlegends…..😳😳😳 WTF!!!

Hey, Bob, thank you for this. This is crazy. And it does not sound like a good idea at all. As somebody who grew up, born and raised in New York City for 30 damn years, this does not sound like a good idea. Not even a little bit. I have been to pretty much most public pools in New York. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. Especially ones considerably further uptown in Manhattan, New York