Wingsuit Flyer decapitated

Alien C admitted to the court that his license was invalid for the flight that day. His employer, the Midi Pyronis Parachuting School, also faces a $10,600 fine on the accusation that it did not check Alien C's license. The Parachuting School's president, Isabel Deschamps, told the court that the school's security measures had been tightened and that detailed flight briefings had become obligatory from then on. Our thanks to insider and Matt Lowe for their contribution. For Urban legends and stranger truths

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It's. What a crazy story to report on. I wasn't sure if there was going to be a break in the story or if it was going to lead to something a little more lightheaded, but, man, that was nuts. Crazy to think that a plane's blunt force trauma can create that effect. I could not even imagine how fast that plane would have been diving down. And of course, no one wants to experience that
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Thank you very much for the post, Bob. And thanks for the reply. Ty hearing stories like this makes me think twice about ever doing any type of skydiving. I've always had an interest in flying balloons, but when I hear stories like that, I just think twice about doing stuff in air. It's just hate to hear a story like that. My condolences go out to the victim's family and friends