Pet Love

Their favorite thing is a way to demonstrate that hey, doggone it, I love you. Make sure you choose safe toys for your furry friends. Maybe give them a special gift this month. If your cat sleeps anywhere near your head while you're sleeping, it's a sign that they're trying to tune in with you and your life. Though they're famous for napping abilities, cats will match the rhythm of their humans being awake more when their favorite humans are home and active

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 0:42
And so it's really good to know that she has done some of those things with me when I come home, when I'm watching her. So thank you for sharing this. Very, very sweet
Oraida Levi
@TalkswithOraida · 1:58
I love the swell. Definitely can relate to the pet love. I am a cat owner. I've had pets growing up, but I feel like I pretty much have a connection with my orange tabby. He's a cat. I adopted him when he was six months, and the slow blinking is definitely something that I have noticed. But I didn't really think it was love. But he is very attached to me. I would say he imprinted himself on me, something like that